1) The Current mattress industry is a lot like the cigarette industry of the 1930’s. Back then, everyone smoked because they didn’t know the damage that cigarettes caused. A lot of these same carcinogenic chemicals are present in current day mattresses. Most are made primarily from petroleum by-products and then saturated with additional flame retardant chemicals so that they won’t burst into flames during a fire.

2) You spend 10 days a month sleeping on your mattress. During this time your body is absorbing these chemicals, through respiration and absorption through your skin. This off-gassing continues for the life of the mattress.  Even though the new smell might dissipate after several weeks, the detrimental chemicals will continue to be absorbed by your body for as long as you sleep on the mattress. 

3.) Kid’s are even more susceptible to these chemicals. Their bones have not totally formed and many of these absorbed chemicals will be incorporated into the cartilage before it ossifies creating potential long term health issues that are not even known at this time.

4) Organic Mattresses are Healthy! They are dust mite resistant which means that many allergies from the mites are lessened by sleeping on these mattresses.

5) They are really comfortable! They have been around for almost 100 years so there is a lot of data showing their longevity and their versatility in accommodating all types of sleep habits.  

6) Organic Mattresses are no more expensive than many conventional memory foam, pillow top, or luxury air mattresses found in traditional mattress stores. The big difference is that all these mattresses use toxic materials, and are saturated with flame retardants. Organic Mattresses are long lasting, healthy, and extremely comfortable, without using any toxic materials.