American Craftsmanship

At Dapwood, we design and hand-craft all of our solid hardwood furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. We craft everything to order to be sure it receives the care, customization and attention it requires. Some may consider us old fashioned but we know we make the best products when human hands are working the wood with every step.

Bespoken Furnishing

Since we craft everything to order, you get the exact piece you wanted- not something ‘close enough’. We routinely make furniture taller, wider, mixed hardwoods, live edge, and so on. Instead of compromising how your furniture fits into your space and lifestyle, talk with us so you can get exactly what you want.


Responsible Wood

All of our hardwood comes from sustainably-managed forests in the U.S. to ensure we leave precious resources for future generations. For signature pieces, we work with “Urban Wood” suppliers that rescue beautiful city trees that may have toppled in storms, which can then become integrated into our natural living spaces. We are also partnering with eco-minded suppliers who work with farmers that have a “back forty” forest that are in need of thinning. Normally these trees are considered slash to be hauled away or burned. We know how to put this under appreciated resource to good use.

Safe Finishes

All of our finishes are safe and eco-friendly so they do not off-gas dangerous chemicals that can lead to health problems. If a baby or puppy decides to try out a new tooth on Dapwood furniture- no worries. It is perfectly natural and can be simply sanded smooth and topped with another coat of finish to make it look new again.

Quality Workmanship

We design and craft our products to last a lifetime. We even use solid hardwood for bed slats when others use cheap plywood or unstable pine. We connect everything together with industrial grade hardware. Solid hardwoods and solid construction are the hallmarks of Dapwood Furniture.