The Obasan Difference

We won’t rest until you enjoy the sleep you deserve. That’s why we make hand crafted, high-quality, organic beds that are tailored to you.


Obasan Brings Us Premier Organic Mattresses, Bedding, Sheets, & Pillow Cases.

Obasan is the oldest Organic Mattress Manufacturers in North America. We have their entire outstanding Euro Line from Their amazing 10″ Premium, and now their new 12″ Premium Plush Natural Rubber Masterpiece. Their Organic Contour Pillow is truly a must for those that have neck pain.


Customized for You

Each of our mattresses is customized to suit your height, weight, sleeping position and body type. This ensures you are perfectly aligned while you sleep.

Organic Material

Quality Organic Materials

The best mattress starts with the best materials. We spare no expense when it comes to bringing you the most ethical, sustainable comfort.


Handcrafted in Canada

We really, truly care about your sleep. That’s why our mattresses are handmade in Ottawa by a team whose craftsmanship knows no equal.

What Quality Means to Us

Every Obasan product is handmade by a dedicated team of craftspeople. They look at every detail to ensure that it meets our exceptionally high standards. Sleep experts tailor each product precisely to your unique specifications, which is how we can provide you with the best possible sleep a bed can offer.

It Takes 15 people to Craft an Obasan Mattress

Some might call that strenuous. We call it precise. Every detail is taken into consideration and executed with care by our team. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

Only the Best in Organic and Sustainable Materials!