Re-posting my Yelp review of Your Organic Bedroom to ensure that as many people as possible see the positive reviews because our experience was THAT good, and their product is QUALITY:

My boyfriend just bought a mattress at Your Organic Bedroom, and we had a great experience! Mike was incredibly helpful, and talked us through the purchase of a chemical-free, made-in-North-America, mattress. He struck up an amazing deal with us on one of the floor models (I think he had to make room for a new model), and even allowed us a week to come up with the cash for the transaction, (since it was a floor model, it was a cash-and-carry deal). He was incredibly generous to us when we came to pick it up, and we knew that we couldn’t have picked a better place to patronize. We’ve had the mattress for a week. Our last mattress was a regular ol’ mattress with springs in it, and even though we’re in our late 20’s, our backs were killing, and we felt like we were 70!

Our new mattress is incredibly supportive, and we felt a difference the first night we slept on it. The only drawback is that it’s more difficult to get up in the morning than it already was (thanks a lot, Mike! Haha!)

Forget Sleepy’s, forget Sleep Number, and screw Tempur-pedic! All their mattresses are laden with chemicals– sometimes boric acid, the same ingredient found in rat poison. Serta has admitted to using the chemical on their mattresses. People who have children should especially think about what their snowflakes are sleeping on! As soon as you walk in, you can SMELL the difference. No chemicals!

At Your Organic Bedroom, you’ll end up paying more, but you’ll get a much better product than you could get anywhere else in the Philly area. There’s a 20-year warranty, and Mike said that it might be the last mattress we’d ever need. Sounds great to me! Moreover, you’ll be supporting a small business run by a local family! Our experience was top-notch. Thanks Mike for everything!