Mike made it possible for me to get the bed I needed.  I have an degenerative illness and some clinicians believe that herbicides/pesticides may have a direct cause.   I had been sleeping on a Tempurpedic knockoff  or I should say  not sleeping.  The bed was causing me back issues and it was becoming more difficult to turn over.  Although I have an illness I am in pretty descent shape.  I started my search for a new bed and ordered a latex bed online.  Needless to say that did not work out.  You really need to try before you buy.  Luckily I was able to return it so then my wife suggested the major air mattress retailer.  We went and nothing felt any good except for the most expensive bed.  Unfortunately I didnt have the budget for that and frankly I did not want the bed, although I think my wife did, because I had no idea where it was manufactured and what was in it.   So I finally made my way to YOB.  Mike was friendly and really tried to own my issues from minute one.  My wife and I tried almost every bed in the place.   We really bought in to the reality that you spend 1/4 to 1/3 of your life in bed and most of us don’t know what we are sleeping on.  Were we contaminating ourselves without even knowing it?   So certified organic was the right way to go.  We picked out a organic latex bed from Sleeptek.   Quality doesn’t come cheap.  Unfortunately Sleeptek was out of budget.    Mike went out of his way to make it work for the both of us.  My wife told me this morning how much she loves our Sleeptek organic latex mattress from YOB.  Thanks to Mike and his wife we are sleeping well again.