Mattress-buying made easy and informative.  We were looking for a healthy alternative and dealing with back, hip and neck issues.  After doing a lot of research about organic latex mattresses (no, they are definitely not all created equal), wool mattresses, hybrids etc., we traveled from New York, to Philadelphia, and, ultimately, to Doylestown.  The owner, Mike, is both knowledgeable and patient.  We made quite a few trips to try the various mattresses at Your Organic Bedroom.  Mike graciously welcomed us each time and allowed us the many hours we needed to figure it out.  There was no pressure.  No gimmicks.  None of the typical sales tactics you find at other places. We found THE ONE we both love.  It was a seamless shopping, buying and delivery process.  Price-wise, there’s no question it’s more than a traditional mattress, but prices are comparable (if not better) than some of the higher-end non-organic, chemical-laden mattresses.  It’s an investment in our health, well-being, and the quality of our sleep that we felt — and still feel — is well worth it.  Now, we both sleep much more restfully throughout the night, no aches in the places that troubled us for years, and have peace of mind.  I can’t say enough about the quality of the products and service.